The Gate


Tips for Beginners and Younger Players:

“The Gate” is designed for ages 11 and up, but 8-10 year olds can play the game and enjoy it. In some cases, adult help/supervision may be necessary to keep the game-play flowing.

Here are Some Good Tips:

  1. Read the green “How to Play” card carefully. Don’t get bogged down by reading details on the other rule cards. Read them when you need them.
  2. Use a 10-Card Rule instead of the normal 7-Card Rule. (In other words, each player may hold up to 10 cards, not 7.) Younger players may prefer to play with an open hand (to lay out their cards on the table).
  3. Remember that each player may trade cards that he/she doesn’t want or can’t use.
  4. Don’t be intimidated by the text on the playing cards. Many cards repeat. The extra info is for handy reference.
  5. The Advanced version of the game is complex. It is designed more for teens. A good Intermediate version of the game includes the Spirit Cards (with the special fighting dice and moving dice) but not the Special Spirit Cards.
  6. Monster: Let each player decide who will roll for the monster. Or have a designated “monster” that always rolls the red monster die.
  7. Teams: If more than 5 kids want to play, allow 2 to team up and play as one.

Have fun!